Make your product the most appetizing choice of all.Show consumers you share their taste in food. Modern food production methods have given consumers a multitude of choices. So your products need powerful packaging that speaks clearly to shoppers, whets their appetites, and showcases your unique brand.

The food and beverage markets represent the largest consumption group for packaging materials and machinery.From soup to nuts and water to booze, food and beverage products demand quite a bit from their protective vessels. Whether the package is rigid or flexible, it must deliver the freshest and safest product to its consumer—anywhere in the world. Once within reach, the bottles, pouches or cups must capture the attention of potential buyers with an appealing design. If purchased, the packaging must perform as expected (or better!) or else you can kiss away the chance of a future sale from today’s critical consumers.


The Best of Food and Beverage Packaging is an event like no other in packaging: Combining the most relevant technologies and trends in the food and beverage packaging segments with the vision needed to successfully sell to consumers in this ever-shifting market landscape. In it's second year, this conference focuses on food and beverage trends, offering critical discussion and "food for thought" on how brand owners and their supplier partners have profited in the retail market from successful packaging that fits the needs of today's consumers and offers innovation that is embraced on the store shelves.

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We created an experience for the consumer that captured the iconic keystone elements and the number 57 associated with Heinz tradition. The final solution resulted in a new customer friendly easy-to-squeeze package. The larger 20oz size meant less frequent change-outs, the red plastic bottle always looked full and the non-removable cap addressed food safety concerns.

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